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The "Boom Town" senario by TimeLord015

In a rift chunk, when fuelling, you have a slim chance of opening the rift and pulling monsters like the Daleks and Cybermen from the void into the Overworld and TARDIS dimension.

Leveled rift chunks by TimeLord015

Rift Chunks that fuel the TARDIS at different rates. Level 1 Being the slowest, and Level 10 Being like Boom Town

Sonic Charger by TimeLord015

A craftable circuit/block you combine/interact with the sonic to charge it. The block can be made from an Artron Capacitor, redstone block, fluid link, and an exotronic circuit. The Circuit can be made from an artron capacitor, redstone dust, and a trionic powercell

transmat and forcefield by klausmikaelson12 Duplicated

How about adding a transmat module and a force field module? with the transmat you could transport people from the inside out or from the outside in, and with the force field the tardis would have protection and when necessary there would be a protocol to extrapolate the force field is expand for a short period of time

tardis key by klausmikaelson12 Rejected

How about calling the tardis using the key as in the episode the name of the doctor ?

protocols by klausmikaelson12 Duplicated

one more suggestion would be to add a protocol to leave the invisible tardis, silent mode or stealh mode as you want to call

illumination by klausmikaelson12 Duplicated

How about adding a button to turn off the illumination of the interior and the exterior lamp?

"Customisable" Exteriors by SamSational Madden

The_IO_Doctor pointed out that there are many changes in the look of the windows on some boxes. Maybe it'd be a good idea to have some "customisation" options: To be able to choose, for example, how the windows will look on the Twelfth Doctor's exterior when you use it.

Lag Viewer by TimeLord015 Rejected

Give everyone the MrCrayfishers Digital Clock as it slows down/ ticks back when there is lag. This is a good lag indicator for if someone wants to know if the server is lagging or they are.

Eye of Harmony/Artron Valve by TimeLord015

A room or circuit you need to open in order to fuel the TARDIS before hitting the "refueler". Breaking the circuit will result in time energy being released from the console and damaging the player and reducing other circuit properties by 10%.

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