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Time Travelers Journal by DocArcane

a book that we can click on the ground when exploring to add XYZ coordinates to it, and maybe space to add notes saying what it is. Then later we can use those notes back in the Tardis to add new waypoints

Holoprojector Toggle by DocArcane

Make the Holoprojector's rendering toggleable with a redstone signal to allow players with low end machines to turn off the effect in order to gain an FPS boost.

Roundel Trap Doors by DocArcane

A set of Trap Doors 'hatches' that use the various Tardis Mod roundel textures. They should function similar to iron trapdoors, requiring a redstone signal (or a sonic) to open. This would allow players to install chests or machines behind/inside walls and then cover them with openable roundels.

Regeneration Cubes by TimeLord015 Done

Blocks of Regeneration that have fallen from space which you are able to right click with an empty fob watch to fill it

controls by klausmikaelson12

How about activating specific controls to activate things? such as dematerialization, materialization, double lock and etc.

speed control by klausmikaelson12

speed control, this would increase the consumption of artron energy but the materialization time would decrease

Stones(Knifes) by TimeLord015

As seen in "The Firemaker" from season one, the cavemen bear stones that they call knives. These stones will deal 1 heart of damage per hit

Custom Menu in game by TimeLord015

Add a custom menu in game. Something with a Doctor Who Logo that changes every 2 seconds, and has "TARDIS mod" beneath it.

Series 11 Episode 1,2,10 Plot Alien by TimeLord015

#series 11 spoiler. (ALIEN FROM EPSIODE 1)

Cavemen by TimeLord015 Rejected

Mobs that will drop bones and leather when killed. They Spawn in caves, clearly

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