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On the Mark by SamSational Madden Done

The fact that the TARDIS doesn't land too accurately is both a fun feature and a nuisance. So, what if the TARDIS landed accurately if you had the stabilisers on? It'd make a lot of sense, if you asked me, and, using CommandrMoose as an example, it could really help when filming cinematic shots.

pandorica, Correction of suggestion that I made by klausmikaelson12 Rejected

how about adding pandorica, a box that can hold the player or players and which can only be opened with the sonic screwdriver or some other device

Suggestion : Render Chisels & bits blocks. by RedoverPlayer Rejected

Suggestion : Render Chisels & bits blocks in the BOTI.

Better Flight Mode by Benj Done

A flight mode like how the Garry's Mod Tardis Mod's do it. I know it will be harder because of Minecraft's dimensions but if that's possible that will be amazing (for people who don't know what the Gmod Tardis Mod, the flight controls are you get like a outside 3rd Person view of the Tardis and control it with WASD keys and look in the direction you want to go (now that i think about it this most likely will not be possible))

[Enhancement repost] Atrium Circuits - Extension of Chameleon Circuits by 50ap5ud5 Duplicated

See following document link for proper formatting of the suggestion: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kFkNesq7-rDDyxmI2prg5IIBuVGf30rn/view?usp=drivesdk

Atrium Circuits - Extension of Chameleon Circuits by 50ap5ud5


The Atrium Circuits allow the exterior shell to be shaped to create whole rooms within it which can be entered, but still leave the subject "outside" a TARDIS' console room.(Paraphrased from the Tardis Technical Index)


How this could be implemented:

1.0 Installation

The atrium circuits sub system require the installation of a component called Atrium Circuit, using the current method of installing sub systems.


2.0 Activation/Deactivation:

-Using a new button added in the existing Chameleon Circuit GUI. The GUI button will not close the whole GUI but will switch between two states - text with "Atrium Circuits: On" and "Atrium Circuits: Off". This allows users to view the status of the Atrium circuit later.


2.1 Properties when activated:

2.1.1 A false interior will be created. Each exterior will not show the usual prompt 'Tardis unlocked!' Or 'Tardis locked!' when a player interacts with the exterior using a Tardis key. Each exterior will not render the BOTI window at all.

2.2 Activated atrium circuits allow any player to open the exterior without a Tardis key.

2.3 Weeping Angels will not be able to enter the console room nor drain the tardis Artron energy (as they cannot access the console room and thus the Artron energy banks in the first place)

2.4 Non-player entities such as mobs or items cannot enter the console room if the door is 'open' but are merely pushed into the exterior block. Interiors:

  • Default TT Capsule will show insides of the cylinder.
  • Each police box shell will open up to show the insides of the box and not the console room.
  • The Grandfather Clock will show the insides of the clock
  • The Tree exterior will not show any change in its log texture
  • Cactus exterior will not show any change in its texture
  • Door exterior will complete the door opening animation, but reveals the blocks behind it as a real door would.
  • If possible, this exterior will be able to be walked through once the door is opened. This exterior also plays the correct opening and closing sound effect.


3.0 How to enter the console room:


3.1.0 A Tardis key synced to the Tardis will not be able to access the console room directly.

  • It requires an upgrade with the Tardis workbench (not sure how this will work yet, to be decided by the developer team).
  • The upgrade could be named 'Basic Security Override'. Once this upgrade is applied the upgraded key will be able to access the console room and show the boti window as usual, bypassing the atrium circuits. (This allows for the development of other upgrades which could be used in other features.)
  • Another upgrade, named 'Isomorphic Imprint' only allows owner of the tardis (perhaps using UUID check?) to use the key to open the Tardis. This can can be applied at any time to non upgraded keys or keys with previous upgrades. Without this upgrade, anyone who has a key synced to the target tardis which is also upgraded with the Basic Security Override upgrade can open it.



  • Depends on health of dimensional dams and Artron energy.
  • If dimensional dams are at 0% and atrium circuits are activated, the player can still open the tardis and enter the false interior but will not be able to access the console room. This includes using an upgraded key with Basic Security override and/or Isomorphic Imprint.
  • Activating or deactivating the Atrium Circuits uses up 20% of the artron energy banks. Think of this as the power necessary to sustain another interior on top of the console room dimension. This figure can be adjusted as the dev team wishes.
  • If Artron energy banks are at less than or equal to 20%, the atrium circuits will deactivate. The Tardis' owner will be sent a notification message if this happens.


How this contributes to gameplay:

  • Provides an extra layer of protection and disguise to Tardises, especially if police box exteriors are added as a decoration block later on.
  • Expands role of Tardis keys, provides a use for Tardis workbench beyond sonic screwdrivers.
  • Introduces a permissions based security system for the Tardis.

blue stabilizers by klausmikaelson12 Rejected

blue stabilizers, what about adding the blue stabilizers that were shown in the time of the angels? with the stabilizers pressed to tardis would dematerialize and materialize without making sound and etc ...

Fob Watch Fuelling by TimeLord015 Rejected

Right clicking on the companion called "Peter" with a fob watch during a Dalek raid will fill the watch with 1-5 regenerations.

Unstable Regeneration by TimeLord015 Done

When regenerating, you have a chance of becoming unstable and gaining nausea and slowness.

Interior Design Mode by User.Friendly_ Done

Allows the player to go into a mode similar to creative, through an option on the monitor, giving them access to all TARDIS Mod interior blocks, allowing them to build custom interiors in survival without having to use creative mode. Only allowing players to access TM blocks, sorting them into different tabs based on what console they are from, and to have a custom tab for keeping track of blocks they want to use for an interior.

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