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New channel ! by LotuxPunk

Now, PunkProject have is own feed channel !

Dalek and Dalek Weaponry Expansion by 50ap5ud5

Please see the attached document for more details:


Demat + Remat animation by TimeLord015 Duplicated

Please Re-do the dematerialisation and re-materialisation to better fit the show, right now it it bascially just changing its opacity from 0% - 100% in one fade pattern. maybe set it to somthing like this:

0% - 20% - 10%- 30% - 15% - 50% - 30% - 80%- 75% - 100%

Tardis shells by ydna111 Done

The tardis exteriors in order to be camouflaged. There could be normally craftable for example Masters clock like decoration or Classic police boxes as it is in Britain.

The idea is to make finding the Tardis harder. After all its supposed to go with its proper place where it appears and time.

Timelord Life's power by mathi14811 Rejected

How about make timelord's regenerations useful ?

I think a timelord player should have more health or be more resistant to exterior damages in order to regenerate less often.

Resource pack making by TimeLord015 Rejected

Please make it possible to easily edit Block and Item Textures and Models, i have a sonic screwdriver id like to use but i cant figure out the item name and states

Tardis Circuit 'Quirks' by DocArcane

Circuits earn random "enchantments" from use (efficiency, unbreaking... etc). Encouraging proper repairs to preserve valuable abilities. Allow a circuit to break and you will have to craft a fresh 'unenchanted' version.

Blast Protection = Each Level Protects Damage to circuits from in TARDIS Regenerations

Efficiency = Each Level Reduces the Artron Bank Drain X%

Feather Falling = Each Level Reduces damage from falling inside a Tardis

Frost Walker = Freezes Water the TARDIS lands on, converts nearby lava to obsidian. Additional enchants extends the effect 1 block

Knockback = Knocks away mobs from a landing TARDIS

Mending = Slowly Auto Repairs circuits when parked in a Rift Chunk

Thorns = Deals damage to mobs that attack the exterior

Unbreaking = Each Level Increases the Durability of a Circuit by X

TARDIS Tailgating by TimeLord015

If you have permission from another player to follow their TARDIS you can construct the Time Path Detector(Model in the TARDIS Type 40 Instruction Manuel). Inserting the time path detector into console will allow you to see TARDISes you have permission to follow in the vortex. Clicking on the username of the owner will enable the TARDIS flight and will lock on to the desired TARDIS until it has landed at its destination. YOUR TARDIS will then materialise 5 - 10 blocks away from the other TARDIS. During the flight, you will experience slight turbulence as your TARDIS struggles to keep the lock on the other TARDIS.

Coloured Time Rotors by TheRealRuM

The ability to change the colour of your time rotor (primarily toyota tardis). This may be achieved by right clicking the time rotor with a dye of your choosing, which could then make the rotor shine a bright light, and then change to the colour of the dye used. This would, however have a delay between uses, to prevent it breaking etc..

Character and Personality by SamSational Madden

RuM thought it might be fun to have companions argue with you if you leave people behind during, say, an invasion. I agree with him on that, hence why I'm writing this (also writing this because he's too fucking lazy to do it himself).

This could add a lot to the mod, gameplay-wise. Even being able to converse with companions and ask favours of them would be amazing! It would make them more dynamic and could make them more "useful". I'd imagine they could work a bit like the companions in 'Fallout: Who Vegas', but with more personality and life in them.

If this request gets approved, then I'd gladly help with creating personalities, traits, et cetera for the companions.

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