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Psychic Paper by DocArcane

Craftable with 1 leather, 1 Paper, 1 Ink, and a Nether Star. When right clicked, Psychic Paper affects the following mobs in a 10 block radius.

Hostile Humanoids (Zombies, Skeletons, Cybermen) - Blinded, and Weakness. Unable to make attacks. Effect ends if the mob takes any damage.

Villagers - Unlocks or refreshes trades as if they had just made a trade with the player.

Using the Psychic Paper initiates a 10 min cool down before it can be used again.

Type-x Tardis by Piehthyte Rejected

I was thinking about different types of Tardis; perhaps adding different types of tardises(such as type-90). It would allow for a tier system so to speak for Tardises, so the lower type you have the less features(functions) you would have.

food fabrication by Gamingzone123

make it so that the food machine produces whatever food you last say shift-right-clicked it with with different energy costs (say 0.25 artron units or AU) depending on the food so you cant just dupe golden apples or other OP foods with a food whitelist config option so you can filter what foods are duped the machine will use up the food template and with NBT data you cannot dupe already duped food

also maybe add a button or config option that sets how much food the machine can make at any one time

Mysteeeryous suitcase by Gamingzone123

enable it to be opened by sonic and maybe slots for vortex manipulator and other things like in s11 e03

"Whats Browser History" by Gamingzone123

add an easter egg or special feature with the sonic shades that is somthing about browser history will be funny as this is a running joke

tardis key bindings by Gamingzone123 Rejected

have an option there the tardis key cannot leave the inventory of the player that created it

Pockets! by Gamingzone123

these pockets could be crafted with the doctors coat enabling a small coat inventroy a bit like a chest to store your sonic, marker etc.

Acceleration Circuits by DarthLilo

The acceleration circuit would allow the TARDIS to travel much faster while consuming much more fuel and damaging the circuit. If the circuit broke mid flight it would force the TARDIS to land somewhere random.

Force Field circuit by SimpleWolf

The Forcefield circuit will allow projectiles to bounce off (Dalek rays, Arrows, fireballs etc) and reduce the amount of damage the player takes from melee. The radius could be around 2 blocks

Everytime a projectile hits the forcefield, it will emit a small effect, and take a small amount of power from the TARDIS, if there is no power left, the circuit will take damage until breaking.

BOTI toggle in TARDIS monitor gui by ashurath

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