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vortex manipulator, broken version by Gamingzone123 Done

like jack harkness' manipulator when broken cant teleport but can open doors and change certain things like in torchwood s4 e7 mabe with a custom animation similar to the episode

Dalekanium by TimeLord015

Dalekanium Ore found on skaro "if implemented" and in small clumps during invasion, Dalekanium Ingots used to make tools better than diamond due to its extreme rarity, Dalekanium Blocks - Decor, or have a setup you need to summon daleks like a mob spawner, somthing like the new conduit setup

Share and import custom interior by LotuxPunk Rejected

From my understanding, console interior are .nbt file generated by Minecraft (vanilla) when you use structure block (or something like that).

I'd suggest to add a feature to allow people to share and import their custom interior with the community and import these via a folder, like regeneration mod does with skin.

I think I can design & dev it without any problems. And, I can setup a side part on the PunkProject to allow people to share their file in a safe place.

"Favouriting" TARDIS exteriors by SimpleWolf

An extension to what DocArcane said in #suggestions , in which you can right-click the TARDIS Exterior to add it to your favourites, which means they appear at the top of the page, with a little star.

TARDIS Proofing by dalekman290

Transduction Barrier and Quantum Shield, both would bidirectionally prevent any TARDIS or Vortex Manipulator user passing a point.

Quantum Shield:

Completely unpassable, even to the owner of the Shield. Attempting to pass would cause the TARDIS in question to crash within a 50 block radius of their attempted crossing point on their side of the Shield. Any Vortex Manipulator user attempting to pass would simply arrive at a random point on their side of the Shield having taken 1-5 hearts of damage varying with distance from origin, with greater distance meaning more damage.

Transduction Barrier:

Any player with the correct codes will be able to pass which would be chosen by the Barriers owner, and input into the TARDIS monitor. However, a failed crossing will completely destroy the Dematerialisation circuit, deplete the power, and cause the TARDIS to crash within a 100 block radius of the point on their side of the Barrier. Bypassing the Barrier without the codes will be possible, but it would require 95% Artron Bank charge and shields at 100%, there would be a 5-20% chance of bypassing the Barrier in this state, but when you cross the shields and Artron Bank would be completely depleted causing you to crash. Any Vortex Manipulator user attempting to pass would be killed with their items destroyed.

TARDIS landing block/Inhibitor Block by SimpleWolf

This Block will allow any TARDIS landing in a radius of 25 Blocks to land directly on top of it (or any TARDIS landing block that isn't occupied in that radius, this will be useful in bases, so you can land easily in your base without issues. The TARDIS Inhibitor block does the opposite and will prevent TARDISes from Landing in a radius of 25 Blocks (However you can whitelist TARDISes by right-clicking it and entering the username)

Tardis Demat Sound by TimeLord015 Rejected

I have noticed that when summoned by remote, the TARDIS does not play the dematerialisation sound as it leaves the last location. Could you please fix this as i thinks it breaks the immersion if a player is near it when you call it

Psychic Paper by DocArcane

Craftable with 1 leather, 1 Paper, 1 Ink, and a Nether Star. When right clicked, Psychic Paper affects the following mobs in a 10 block radius.

Hostile Humanoids (Zombies, Skeletons, Cybermen) - Blinded, and Weakness. Unable to make attacks. Effect ends if the mob takes any damage.

Villagers - Unlocks or refreshes trades as if they had just made a trade with the player.

Using the Psychic Paper initiates a 10 min cool down before it can be used again.

Type-x Tardis by Piehthyte Rejected

I was thinking about different types of Tardis; perhaps adding different types of tardises(such as type-90). It would allow for a tier system so to speak for Tardises, so the lower type you have the less features(functions) you would have.

food fabrication by Gamingzone123

make it so that the food machine produces whatever food you last say shift-right-clicked it with with different energy costs (say 0.25 artron units or AU) depending on the food so you cant just dupe golden apples or other OP foods with a food whitelist config option so you can filter what foods are duped the machine will use up the food template and with NBT data you cannot dupe already duped food

also maybe add a button or config option that sets how much food the machine can make at any one time

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