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driveable dalek shell by Gamingzone123

as in the witch's familiar,

I would like to be able to get a Dalek shell, maybe when you kill Daleks, they have a chance of dropping a shell part, like head, utility, and base, etc. this may also give the ability to fly as if using a jetpack, as the Daleks do.

i like the idea of being able to fly around shooting things like a dalek

Tardis Display System by Destroyer021620 Rejected

Basically, the idea is to introduce a new type of monitor, that will display the planet of your destination. This would be the planet with the name underneath, for example a picture of earth when going to earth, etc.

Handbrake by Mrky/CipherX Done

Basically a throttle and a handbrake.

If the handbrake is engaged the Tardis is unable to take off.

If the handbrake isn't engaged the Tardis might demat and land somewhere in a certain radius around the initial land position.

Also, throttle maybe could control the speed at which the Tardis travels.

(higher speeds use more fuel and more durability on flight subsystems)

Fire when TARDIS crashes/low hull by r0kketmann

fire particles from time rotor when the tardis hull is low or the tardis crashes

TARDIS Chameleon circuit "glitches" by SimpleWolf

When the TARDIS chameleon circuit reaches a certain damage percentage (say 40%), the TARDIS will start to encounter glitches, such as the exterior changing randomly (This effect will occur more often as the circuit gets damaged), until it breaks. Then which the exterior will become "stuck", until the circuit is replaced

Sonic Screwdriver Crafting and Repairs by TimeLord015

As of TARDIS Mod 0.1.0b the Sonic Screwdriver crafting recipe isn't very difficult or requires very little adventure, so here is my idea.

To craft a sonic screwdriver you will first need to craft 4 "sub-items":

Sonic Emitter - The Head/Beacon of the sonic

Sonic Oscillator - The Frequency Generator of the device (Pitch change operates different features[eg, High pitch = Opening Doors, Low Pitch = doing a short range scan for mobs/items/etc])

Sonic Frequency Modulator - Allows the user to adjust the frequency of the device. If this circuit is removed or damaged the frequency will fluctuate randomly until the circuit is replaced

Trionic Power cell - This is what powers the device

Crafting these circuits.

Sonic Emitter:

The Sonic emitter will require an exotronic circuit [E], 1 diamond [D], a redstone torch[R] and 3 nether quartz.[Q]arranged in the grid like so

0 = Blank Space

0 D 0

R E 0


The function of this circuit is to extend the range of the device [maximum being 12 blocks]. Whilst the device is being used the the durability of the circuit will deplete, as will the range of the sonic. The range will only deplete to a minimum of 3 Blocks as the sonic will still be usable if all other circuits are operational.

Sonic Oscillator:

This circuit will require a redstone comparator [C], an observer [O], a diamond [D], and 2 redstone dust [U] in this arrangement

0 D 0

0 O 0


This is simply the circuit that allows the device to function. On destruction of this circuit the device will no longer be operable and the circuit will have to be replaced.

Sonic Frequency Modulator:

Crafted with 1 iron [I], 1 lever [L], 2 redstone repeaters [P] and a exotronic circuit [E] in this arrangement:

0 I 0

0 L 0


This circuit allows the user to select which frequency they want the device to operate at to complete the different functions(Player/TARDIS scanning, Tnt activation, Door Locking.Unlocking, Lamp Activation, Redstone Activation and anything else i missed). As this circuit depletes the frequency will randomly change over allocated amounts of time, the lower the durability the quicker it changes, when it reaches 15-10 the sonic will become completely unusable as the circuits frequency flickers once every 2-4 seconds.

Please remember this is just a suggestion. As much as it is something I feel both me and the other players will enjoy, you are entitled to your own opinion as am I and I will not judge if you do not like this suggestion. If you do like this suggestion however don't forget to up-vote it so we can see it in the mod.


customize able tardis by Nekron_Brony Rejected

using an interface you could "pant" a tardis exterior allowing you to get the exact tardis you want ot you can make a pant program or tardis skin website and have the mod take from a tardis skin folder to add the custom skin to the chameleon circuit but being able to change its shape would be fun to

Beacon Prism by DocArcane Rejected

Blocks made from Tardis Mod materials and glass that alter the beam of a minecraft beacon in interesting ways.

Timeline "Scar" Prism - This block is made from 4 blocks of glass in a diamond shape around a time vector generator. Dye can be placed in the corners to tint the effect. When activated by a beacon beam, the Prism causes the beam to become fractured to resemble a timelords "timeline" (as seen in the episode 239 "The Name of the Doctor")

Starfield Prism - 4 blocks of glass in a diamond shape around a fluid link. When activated by a beacon beam, the filter causes the beacon beam to cast a slowly rotating field of star-like particles 4 blocks above the Prism. stacking additional Starfield Prisms doubles the distance of the projection (2 filters 8 blocks away, 3 filters 16 blocks away)

Time Vortex Prism - 4 blocks of glass in a diamond shape around a Demat Circuit. When activated by a beacon beam, the Prism converts beacon light into a projection of the time vortex that is only visible locally (within 64 blocks of the Prism)

Emergency Hologram Prism - 4 blocks of glass in a diamond shape around a grace circuit. When the Prism is activated by a beacon beam, it emits a hologram avatar of a MC player model.

Prism Toggle - 4 blocks of glass in a diamond shape around a exotronic circuit. Toggles from opaque to transparent when the Tardis is in flight (invertible). This will effectively allow the block to act as a switch to turn on or off other Prisms by blocking or allowing a beacon beam to pass through. Could also be used as a roof decoration block. Creating a Tardis roof that becomes see through when in flight.

Directional Prism - 4 blocks of glass in a diamond shape around a interstitial antenna. This Prism can bend light, changing the direction the beacon beam travels. The projection direction of the Prism will always be in towards the player when placed (like a log block)

/tardis-fixext by UKMinecrafted Rejected

Fixes duped exteriors by demateriaizing all exteriors of a Tardis and remateriaizing the real exterior.

Cloaking Circuits by DarthLilo Duplicated

Cloaking Circuits will allow the TARDIS to turn invisible while at the same time using a very low amount of fuel to stay cloaked. The option could be put into the TARDIS monitor as "Toggle Cloak." It could also be accessed in the sonic screwdriver. When the TARDIS is in cloak it shouldn't be able to take-off until it is de-cloaked. Players should also still be able to bump into the TARDIS while it is cloaked.

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