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world chunk "rooms" by Mr_Ron Rejected

internal rooms that link directly to real world chunks would be cool. thinking they could have the option to save states and load them into the real world too with a wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey sound effect maybe. 1, 9 and 25 chunk square seem like good options. thinking a “holo-projector” module could be used to keep track of the state of the area within, with green light for "live" and a red one for "recorded" and controls for schematics options. blocks in loaded schematics should probably appear solid and be easily destructible (like punching grass or something) but drop nothing when destroyed, doors and trapdoors should easily passable (not solid). Only blocks/items/entities added to a room of a schematic can be interacted with in any other way than simply being a block that looks like the block it is representing. maybe give the tardis the ability to appear in more than one place at a time, that way a player could walk into a "live" room and be able to then turn around and go straight back into the tardis and players entering a room wouldn't appear to appear out of nowhere according to an observer already in that chunk. afterthought: .. Alt tardisis could use unique textures. perhaps simply have the entrance to a "live" room appear to be a particular doorway which matches up to a doorway on the other side. also maybe have the option to edit blocks in a schematic from a projector and have entity and inventory interaction too

transmat module by Mr_Ron

a transmat module that can be used in conjunction with the projector to teleport selected entities/blocks/items from outside to inside

Isomorphic Security Systems by LotuxPunk Rejected

Isomorphic Security Systems: The ability to lock a Tardis or it's consoles to the owning entity/Timelord.

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