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Chronotis tardis by Mr_Ron Rejected

a book which can also be used as a tardis.

multiple protrusions by Mr_Ron Rejected

internal doorways that lead to external coords. could be cool

dim specific engine parts by Mr_Ron Rejected

Dimension Allocation Module allows the tardis to gain access to a specified dim only when particular item is inserted. configs for itemperdim and item useage/upkeep Dimensional Research Module might also be nice to have a way to find out which item is required... research module scans a dim for x time to reveal an image of the item

Planetary materials and uses by dhi_awesome Done

For when more planets are added into the mod, they should include both vanilla and exclusive resources, which can be used for stronger armour or weaponry, maybe multiple planets must have their minerals combined to get even stronger stuff. Eg, Mondas, Telos, etc (basically Cyber planets) could allow you to obtain Cybermen based armour, Skaro for Dalek, Kaled and Thal (that was the name right) armour, etc, along with things for recharging/repairing the TARDIS if that becomes a thing, such as Zeiton-7 from Varos.

modular controls/tardis parts by Mr_Ron Done

to have each function of a tardis broken down into components that can be added to the console room to unlock the use of their various mechanics. modules have varying power usage and/or take damage over time. examples for modules: x plotter, y plotter, z plotter, t plotter, d plotter, space, time, energy, velocity, state, mob, entity, block, superimpose etc higher tiers could be more expensive and/or be more efficient re: tardis with a space module an energy module and a superimpose module would have a working "holo-projector" but the image would contain only white blocks and air. adding a block module would allow to projector to show the textures of the blocks. also maybe have "breaker switch" levers on each module so when they're flipped power from this module can be cut and/or have a console enabled gui that can be used to divert power to and from different modules. (i envision modules to be placed into empty slots probably mostly on the walls of the console room and have tardis type model dependency)

Dimensional Whitelist by DestinyPlayer Done

How about adding a config option to add a whitelist of dimensions the TARDIS can access? Some kinda toggle between a whitelist and a blacklist. At the very least it'd make it much easier to deal with mods that add procedural dimensions.

light switches by Mr_Ron

add switches players can flip to turn the exterior lamp on and off as well as interior (console room) lights

custom textures by Mr_Ron Rejected

a folder where we can place player-made alt textures for tardis models, added to the list on the chameleon circuit

projector pedestal by Mr_Ron Rejected

thinking it would be good to add "item projectors too", i have the situation in mind of a museum/room or rooms with "item pedestals" in them, the items on these pedestals would be "projected" so they can be superimposed into the tardis console room, enabling access to interact with the item from both positions

item re-sizer by Mr_Ron Rejected

just that, an item re-sizer tile to change the appearent size of an item placed inside (projected)

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