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Life-Cycles, Incarnations and Regeneration by SamSational Madden Rejected

Life-Cycles : Every life-cycle grants you thirteen incarnations and twelve regenerations. To get a life-cycle, you must drink an elixir, only found on either Gallifrey or Karn. Incarnations : A special skin-editor that allows you to change your appearance, either randomly or manually, allowing you to have different "personas" every time you regenerate. Regeneration : Instead of dying and re-spawning, and if you have drunk an elixir (see "Life-Cycles" at the top), you regenerate. You can do this, as stated previously, twelve times (granting you thirteen different incarnations for every life-cycle).

Random Alien Attacks by Blox

Similar to Fallout Who Vegas, during flight you could have a chance of being attacked by a ship of a random mob. You'd have to press certain controls on the TARDIS to do certain things to counter the enemy attacks, i.e Increase Shields, Manoeuvre the TARDIS to dodge attacks, etc. If you succeed the TARDIS will land normally. I foyu fail the TARDIS can get damaged and the enemy mobs could have a chance of boarding the tardis.

Tardis Health by dalekman290 Done

Add either an overall Tardis health system, a component health system, or both, with them taking damage whenever you crash, as currently other than a small explosion outside the Tardis, there is no negative side to crashing other than being mildly annoying.

RF Dimension and TARDIS Mod Compatibility support by Grand_Zenarck

Right gonna make a TL; DR list here: - Compatibility Support between RF Dimensions and TARDIS mod - RF Dimensions is like a Pocket Dimension from Doctor Who that is not accessible when it's not powered - A TARDIS entering said RF Dimension has it's power completely drain E.G. The Rise of The Cybermen (Tardis was completely drained of power when landing in a Parallel Dimension) and in Hide where the TARDIS Referenced that the Pocket Dimension would drain the TARDIS of all power. - Some sort of system that allows you to give up so many years of your "Life" A.K.A Minecraft Hearts to Recharge the TARDIS to exit the RF Dimension. (This bit of concept is a W.I.P)

nav-com flight system by Yuzuki68 Rejected

i like see nav-com have menu with waypoint and dimension controls in it so be easier setting waypoints or dimensions think tardis should go into drift mode after leaving or before landing using nav-com flight system set landings.

Real World Flight by dalekman290 Done

When in Real World Flight, fuel should be consumed and it shouldn't work when the Artron Banks are empty

Emotional system by LotuxPunk Rejected

The TARDIS is not a machine, it's alive! Why not make the TARDIS like you or not? If he likes you, he'll be more precise in his settings, faster, more cooperative. But if he doesn't love you he'll make weird noises when you want to touch his controls or land in the wrong place voluntarily. If the TARDIS crashes or is hit, it will love you less, but if you take care of it, it will love you!

finite items machine by Mr_Ron Rejected

a crafting machine that can craft selected items a configurable amount of times before a recipe for the item is removed from the list of crafteables.

singular tardis by Mr_Ron Rejected

an option to have the tardis available on a first-come first-serve basis so once a tardis is intantiated no other tardis keys can be crafted/used for that world (server). option to set a "timer" that frees up the recipe once a sufficient amount of time with no "player-tardis interaction" has elapsed.. also keys can be recyled (place custom ritual here) to remove the tardis from existence and freed up to be used again by someone else (or youself if you're that way inclined).

tardis - item morph option by Mr_Ron Rejected

ability for a tardis to morph into an item (clock, stick or whatever) so they can be placed into inventories. Tardis can be "remorphed/materialized" by throwing the item on the ground.

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