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Emotionnal system - #2 by LotuxPunk Done

It's a rework of my previous suggestion. Your TARDIS have emotions (he/she's alive), and sometime he's sad, or happy and he can joking with the coordinate, refuse to take off, or land above the water voluntary, teleport you outside just for the fun or shock you like a tazer when he hate you.

The House by LotuxPunk Rejected

House was a malevolent entity from outside the Universe which fed on TARDISes for their artron energy. It had servants it kept around for entertainment. House met its end when it tried to take over the Doctor's TARDIS, but was expelled by its matrix. http://tardis.wikia.com/wiki/House_(The_Doctor%27s_Wife)

TARDIS Crafting Idea by LadyMaisie Rejected

In order to craft a Tardis you will need to throw the objects used to create a Tardis into a rift, objects included will be like dematerialization circuit, fluid link, etc... then once all the objects are thrown in, a Tardis spawns and gives you a key already linked to you. Rifts being easy to find, or if that not being possible just using essential Tardis parts to craft inside a crafting table.

Fluid Link Mercury System by LadyMaisie Done

Fluid Link: A fluid link system will be crucial for a TARDIS to take off (like William Hartnell's episode) and every 20 trips in the TARDIS the Mercury supply will deplete so maybe add a ore in the overworld as rare as iron and you put it in a furnace to melt it and then use it to fill the fluid link to take off.

Shared Tardis Ownership/Extra Keys by Void Done

There should be a system to add people to your tardis so that they can close the doors and such, or r you could make Spare Tardis Keys(edited) the owner could make a spare tardis key and bind it to their console and then give to someone else.

The Architectural Reconfiguration System and Levels by SamSational Madden

Levels: The more you manually pilot your TARDIS, the more she'll level up. Certain levels unlock certain things, such as the auto-pilot/stabilisers. A.R.S.: The Architectural Reconfiguration System (A.R.S.) can be used to either grow new rooms or change the desktop-theme. Access to the A.R.S. can be unlocked at a certain level. Furthermore, you can unlock more options, desktops and rooms by reaching higher levels. -Whole idea based upon suggestions by Dalekman, Maisie, Ashurath, and yours truly-

Tardis Growth by dalekman290 Done

Tardises should be grown in time rifts rather than made, with it taking 2 hours or more to grow.

Life-Cycles, Incarnations and Regeneration by SamSational Madden Rejected

Life-Cycles : Every life-cycle grants you thirteen incarnations and twelve regenerations. To get a life-cycle, you must drink an elixir, only found on either Gallifrey or Karn. Incarnations : A special skin-editor that allows you to change your appearance, either randomly or manually, allowing you to have different "personas" every time you regenerate. Regeneration : Instead of dying and re-spawning, and if you have drunk an elixir (see "Life-Cycles" at the top), you regenerate. You can do this, as stated previously, twelve times (granting you thirteen different incarnations for every life-cycle).

Random Alien Attacks by Blox

Similar to Fallout Who Vegas, during flight you could have a chance of being attacked by a ship of a random mob. You'd have to press certain controls on the TARDIS to do certain things to counter the enemy attacks, i.e Increase Shields, Manoeuvre the TARDIS to dodge attacks, etc. If you succeed the TARDIS will land normally. I foyu fail the TARDIS can get damaged and the enemy mobs could have a chance of boarding the tardis.

Tardis Health by dalekman290 Done

Add either an overall Tardis health system, a component health system, or both, with them taking damage whenever you crash, as currently other than a small explosion outside the Tardis, there is no negative side to crashing other than being mildly annoying.

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