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Deadlock by TheStarkiller Done

The TARDIS should be able to be deadlocked, not allowing it to be opened in any way. This can be toggled by the console, with a switch near the door switch.

Mod integration : Handles by LotuxPunk Done

Get a chance to drop a Handles block from handles when a Cyberman is killed.

TARDIS exhaustion by dalekman290

Doing long flights will tire the TARDIS, if it does too many long distance flights it will impact the mood, and apply a limiter on the maximum distance the TARDIS can travel. Exhaustion would be seperate to fuel, and be cured by spending a minute stationary relative to the level of exhaustion, ranging from 1-50, and exhaustion increasing in level for every 2 minutes in flight.

Limit the TARDIS reachable area by LotuxPunk Done

It should be ensured that the TARDIS can't access area behind the vanilla world border.

Selectable TARDIS sounds by ashurath Done

Selecting the interior hum you want, custom dematerialisation/rematerialisation sounds too. This is just to allow the player to customise stuff however they'd like, as well as the fact that they might want a particular TARDIS hum for their interior.

Procedural Time Vortex Dimension by ashurath

Chunks of time vortex that can all connect up nice and easily, we have it so that it spawns in a straight line, but then randomise the pieces. It is a dimension you can access by entering manual flight while in vortex flight. The controls of the TARDIS act as if you're wearing an elytra but with increased momentum. Touching the side of the vortex walls (block based to prevent hyper amounts of lag and so the pieces can match up) forces a materialisation, if you do it before the time it would've taken to landed normally, you land closer to the location than if you were to have crashed at that exact instant. If it's in the randomised flight mode, it'll re-randomise.

TARDIS Stealth mode by dalekman290 Done

The setting the TARDIS to stealth mode halves the speed, as well as doubling the time to rematerialise, when landed, the Chameleon circuit takes 10% damage.

Tardis Knocking by Void Done

Punching the closed door of a tardis will play a knocking sound inside and outside of the Tardis. This would be a nice addition in my opinion.

Commands by LotuxPunk Done

I may suggest of adding some commands to test and give some "creative mod" abilities to spawn your TARDIS without pass by the TARDIS CORAL way or teleport you in your TARDIS ? I can work in it, it's on my power.

Portable TARDIS by String_Beans Rejected

the ability to shrink your TARDIS and carry it in your inventory

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