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temporal events by klausmikaelson12

temporal events, loops, paradoxes and this kind of thing

Tardis block creator by brendenspencer Rejected

Make a block that uses artron energy to make block like the Toyota blocks so you can do it in survival

Protected Tardis by RedoverPlayer

protected tardis (blocks, chests, ... (levers, doors,... protected with a deactivatable option)) with a whitelist.

Realistic Controls by RedoverPlayer

Have realistic controls: when you pull the lever, you will dematerialize and gradually move towards the chosen destination (you do not move if it is the same destination as where you are). We then move at a certain speed (which makes the flight time). If you pull the lever again, you will materialize at a certain percentage of the distance (50% is half of the travel time). There is always the time displayed on the monitor but the coordinates would have to change constantly since we are supposed to move. If we pull the lever and are 100% of the distance, we will materialize on the destination.

Rift Manipulators by Jarkyc

In order for it to be most effective, it must be placed in the center chunk of the rift. With the manipulator, you can grow or shrink the rift, but it is very innacurate and indecisive like in torchwood, you can only hope for the best. If timed right you can use it to prevent activity from happening. This is a multiblock structure meaning it needs pieces and items to fully be built. For opening and closing the rift, it needs a constant power supply during the procedure. Opening the rift is easier than closing the rift, and closing the rift can be risky. Power required depends on the amount that you want to grow or shrink the rift by. This machine is also CC and OC integrated so that you can control it from computers and read info if you would like.

Rift Activity Readers by Jarkyc

Custom modeled machines that tell you info about the rift but more in-depth from the rift detector handhelds. Things like next activity time estimates, intensity, size, and all info is displayed. Opening it shows a chunk map and has the rift chunks highlighted in orangish yellow. This machine will have CC and OC integration to show info on monitors. The machines require power maybe from Industrial Craft or the TARDIS can have its own power system and generators.

Rifts by Jarkyc

So this suggestion is apart of a multi-suggestion series, so prepare yer minds! So rifts are no longer just one chunk. Rifts start out in chunk based lines like a crack, but can grow and over time will become ellipsoid shaped (almost like the 10th doctor doctor who logo). Rifts have a spawn rate multiplier for mobs, the multiplier size depends on how big the rift grows. Rifts have a chance to naturally grow, but they mainly grow from uses of the rift manipulator (read the rift manipulator post for info on it). Rifts are detected by some sort of handheld device (not sure what name yet) like the scanner devices used in torchwood. They tell you thinks like rift size, multiplier, activity, etc. When mobs fall through the rift there's some sort of animation glow like in the torchwood series. Rifts are also rarer now, to make sure the world isn't flooded with mobs and also to make it more accurate.

Drifting by SamSational Madden Duplicated

Disclaimer: I haven't seen anyone make this suggestion here before, and it's possible that the suggestion Lotux just made is about this feature. I'd love to be able to drift aimlessly in the vortex for a while so I can think about what to do in the TARDIS, like in the other mod.

TARDIS hover mode by LotuxPunk

Take off with the TARDIS but without destination

Tardis Mod Inventory Slots by Ky

Looking at the Galacticraft slots for Oxygen and what-not, why not have a Tardis mod tab which lets you equip the Vortex Manipulator and the Bio-Dampener to their own slots? You could have the vortex manipulator then open with a right click by open hand while in its equip slot. If having it's own inventory tab is too much, you could potentially have the regeneration tab add the two slots for the VM and the Dampener.

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