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Configurable day-night cycle in the tardis dimension by Imphinium

It would be pretty useful for integrations with lots of mods being able to change the internal time of the tardis dimension using the console or the monitor

TARDIS ARS tree by GlobsterJail1212

Like the ARS tree egg but instead of giving blocks make it able to copy & paste rooms, hallways, or other structures (possibly with an item to help dictate where they go), both making it much easier and faster to build structures inside the TARDIS. The tree should also only be buildable inside the TARDIS.

Add metadata support for ARS. by GlobsterJail1212

PLEASE! why is it that I can use the ARS to spawn a literal 64 stack of diamond blocks but not a stack of cyan wool?

Seamless movement into and out of the TARDIS by montudor Rejected

BOTI rendering is a really nice feature, but I feel the ability to walk through seamlessly without any loading screens would make the experience 10x better.

This has already been done with vanilla portals in a mod called Immersive Portals (https://github.com/qouteall/ImmersivePortalsModForForge) which is open source, meaning it could be used for reference.

Added Coordinate Modifier by The_Wanderer_HTL Done

Add 1000 and 10000 units to the coordinate modifier. It would make massive shifts in coordinates easier to input via the levers. We would then have (1, 10, 100, 1000, 10000).

use of coords in the telapathic circuts by MR_spagetty Rejected

I believe we should be able to input co-ords directly into the telepathic circuits

Pting. by wednesdaywifi Rejected

Appeared in:

Doctor Who S11 - The Tsunagra Conundrum


Random encounter in your TARDIS, small boi appears and wrecks havoc by depleting your TARDIS sub-systems.

Would be gotten rid of by leaving your doors open during flight to pull it into the vacuums of spaces similar to the ending of the episode it was featured in. It would also be hostile to the player.

driveable dalek shell by Gamingzone123

as in the witch's familiar,

I would like to be able to get a Dalek shell, maybe when you kill Daleks, they have a chance of dropping a shell part, like head, utility, and base, etc. this may also give the ability to fly as if using a jetpack, as the Daleks do.

i like the idea of being able to fly around shooting things like a dalek

Tardis Display System by Destroyer021620 Rejected

Basically, the idea is to introduce a new type of monitor, that will display the planet of your destination. This would be the planet with the name underneath, for example a picture of earth when going to earth, etc.

Handbrake by Mrky/CipherX Done

Basically a throttle and a handbrake.

If the handbrake is engaged the Tardis is unable to take off.

If the handbrake isn't engaged the Tardis might demat and land somewhere in a certain radius around the initial land position.

Also, throttle maybe could control the speed at which the Tardis travels.

(higher speeds use more fuel and more durability on flight subsystems)

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