Tardis engine by Pebbles_1

the tardis engine ones understood it is quite simple but i think this should not be the case .... its a time machine after all. i feel like it would be cool if

the tardis engine was like in the show as a 5 panel cone take 12's tardis for example below the tardis main deck/floor is the engine it has a few panels and when inside there is many components . it would be cool if you added a toolkit and updated the engine makeing repairs more complicated and how u apply the components they would show up 3d inside the engine and u could open and close the engine hatches also small note the fluid link cannoniclay is not needed for flight it is a lie told to nardoll in the episode with bill and nardol when the doctor goes to spoce ones again and becomes blind . if u want to know more about the tardis engine consept plese try and get in contact with me

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