Tardis Circuit 'Quirks' by DocArcane

Circuits earn random "enchantments" from use (efficiency, unbreaking... etc). Encouraging proper repairs to preserve valuable abilities. Allow a circuit to break and you will have to craft a fresh 'unenchanted' version.

Blast Protection = Each Level Protects Damage to circuits from in TARDIS Regenerations

Efficiency = Each Level Reduces the Artron Bank Drain X%

Feather Falling = Each Level Reduces damage from falling inside a Tardis

Frost Walker = Freezes Water the TARDIS lands on, converts nearby lava to obsidian. Additional enchants extends the effect 1 block

Knockback = Knocks away mobs from a landing TARDIS

Mending = Slowly Auto Repairs circuits when parked in a Rift Chunk

Thorns = Deals damage to mobs that attack the exterior

Unbreaking = Each Level Increases the Durability of a Circuit by X

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