This project is set up to group and follow-up the requests for improvement of the "New TARDIS mod".

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Latest requests

Sonic lipstick by temporarytraveler

Sonic lipstick.

TARDIS Redecorate by temporarytraveler

The TARDIS redecorates itself when you die. Lets say every interior has a 1 in 50% chance of being the new interior.(I just dont want to change the interior myself.)

TARDIS Hover by temporarytraveler

What if the tardis could hover like in 1.12?(real world flight.)

Tardis engine by Pebbles_1

the tardis engine ones understood it is quite simple but i think this should not be the case .... its a time machine after all. i feel like it would be cool if

the tardis engine was like in the show as a 5 panel cone take 12's tardis for example below the tardis main deck/floor is the engine it has a few panels and when inside there is many components . it would be cool if you added a toolkit and updated the engine makeing repairs more complicated and how u apply the components they would show up 3d inside the engine and u could open and close the engine hatches also small note the fluid link cannoniclay is not needed for flight it is a lie told to nardoll in the episode with bill and nardol when the doctor goes to spoce ones again and becomes blind . if u want to know more about the tardis engine consept plese try and get in contact with me

Tardis Key by Pebbles_1

I feel like the tardis key should have a option to summon the tardis too you but in a diferent way than the remote it should instead if u stand in the plave its materializing it should land in the same spot still and you get tellapoted into the tardis somewhere near the centre of the console room i also think the resipie should be more expensive or add this function to the s remote thing and make it craftable

i think it would be great if we could actually download the assets as a datapack or mod when they are clicked they all look really cool and i want to download a few ,how do i do so? by Pebbles_1

Configurable day-night cycle in the tardis dimension by Imphinium

It would be pretty useful for integrations with lots of mods being able to change the internal time of the tardis dimension using the console or the monitor

TARDIS ARS tree by GlobsterJail1212

Like the ARS tree egg but instead of giving blocks make it able to copy & paste rooms, hallways, or other structures (possibly with an item to help dictate where they go), both making it much easier and faster to build structures inside the TARDIS. The tree should also only be buildable inside the TARDIS.

Add metadata support for ARS. by GlobsterJail1212

PLEASE! why is it that I can use the ARS to spawn a literal 64 stack of diamond blocks but not a stack of cyan wool?

driveable dalek shell by Gamingzone123

as in the witch's familiar,

I would like to be able to get a Dalek shell, maybe when you kill Daleks, they have a chance of dropping a shell part, like head, utility, and base, etc. this may also give the ability to fly as if using a jetpack, as the Daleks do.

i like the idea of being able to fly around shooting things like a dalek

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